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When we started designing our movie store, we weren't sure exactly how to go about it.  Everyone has their top ten favorite movies of all time, and almost no one agrees completely.  So, we polled the family, and as the results trickle in, we'll post them in the frame to the left.   Click a movie title to load a short synopsis of that movie in this frame.   Then click the video cover to buy it!

While our lists might not match yours, we suggest you give the movies we've listed here a try.  Our family spans the ages as well, so there's bound to be something everyone can enjoy!  Many of these movies, especially the older ones, are really affordable, so why rent movies you love when you can own them?

You can use the search form to your immediate left to find your favorite movies.  Many titles are available on DVD now, so once you've clicked through, look for the link to the DVD version of the film.

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