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Gardening for Independence by Mort Mather for any Homesteader, organic farmer, or gardener.
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Gardening for Independence by Mort Mather

From the Author
When I reread my book recently I thought I would be embarrassed. After all, I have been gardening five times as long now as when I wrote it and I have been writing five times as long also. I'm not embarrassed. In fact, I'm rather proud of that young fella who wrote the book. I like the freshness and enthusiasm of discovery I had which came naturally then. I try to keep it in my writing now but sometimes worry that I sound like an expert. All the ribbing I have given experts in the past, I sure don't want to get that label. I don't know what I'm doing. Really. I'm just having fun with this thing called life. Please don't take me seriously.

Mort Mather

Contact Mort for an autographed copy of his book: visit The Garden Spot where you can read bushels of Mort's articles on everything from worms to God.


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