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Gardening for Independence by Barbara and Mort Mather - organic gardening advice for only $6.50 plus S&H!
Only $6.50 plus S&H
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The Official Pokemon Handbook by Maria S. Barbo - click here to buy this Pokemon book now.
Read Robin's article Go with the Pokeflow -- how parents can use Pokemon as a learning tool!

Books about organic gardening can be ordered now by clicking on them!  Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening : The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener
One of our best sellers!

Featuring organic gardening books and books about Maui Hawaii like Maui Trails: Walks, Strolls, and Treks on the Valley Isle.
The best of Maui can only be seen on foot!

Books about hemp - The Great Book of Hemp : The Complete Guide to the Commercial, Medicinal and Psychotropic Uses of the World's Most Extraordinary Plant by Rowan Robinson, Robert A. Nelson
Truly, the great book of hemp!



The Bald Mountain Press Book Store has grown from a labor of love into a bigger labor of love that helps pay for itself.  From our humble beginnings as an organic gardening advice site, we've become an information source for organic gardeners world-wide.  Those e-mail Q and A's aren't posted anymore, but we still answer every letter we get.  It didn't take long to realize that offering books on line to help people, and to help backup what we were saying, was the right thing to do.  We became an affiliate and started selling books.

While we lived on Maui, Hawaii, for a year, we realized that people needed answers before they travel.  In order to get the most for your travel dollar, especially in Hawaii, you need to do your research before you leave.   So, we've added a few books about Maui that we think will help you plan your vacation, whether you're a low rent surfer or a high class hotel guest.

We also built a big site with lots of information about Hawaii, plus Hawaii books, and free stuff too, like free backgrounds of the beach and other Hawaii pictures that make great Hawaii computer wallpaper.

While watching the sugar cane burn on Maui, we became further convinced that legalizing industrial hemp is a cause worth fighting for.  While our forefathers were intelligent enough to know that hemp was a wonder plant, certain 20th century capitalists spread lies about hemp to further their sales of forest and chemical products.  We have books about hemp that dispel the lies and will hopefully convince people to wake up.

Since the Bush Junta took over the White House, I've been keeping an environmentalist's political blog, and I've been keeping track of George Bush's mangling of the language on my anti Bush pages, where we have plenty of anti-Bush books, stickers, refrigerator magnets, and more!

You still get the great Amazon discounts, just like if you went straight to their site, but we get a small cut of everything you buy.  And we thank you for it!  So, please, bookmark our store now, and click through here anytime you're searching for books!

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