Buy the ultimate surfer's coffee table Maui photography book Jaws Maui by Blue Max (photographer), Charlie Lyon, and Leslie Lyon (photographer)

Jaws Maui : Maui by Blue Max, Charlie Lyon, and Leslie Lyon


Jaws Maui : Maui surfing photography by Blue Max, Charlie Lyon, and Leslie Lyon, the ultimate coffee table Maui Hawaii photography book!
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Jaws Maui is much more than bonzai surfers defying gravity on moving walls of blue. It is the photography of Blue Max, whose colorful, full-paged shots juxtapose landscape and seascape, faunal quietude vs. rolling thunder. And it is the words of the wave riders themselves, waxing their boards poetic about the beauty of the island, surfculture, and the spirit that relentlessly calls them to the water. This stirring salute to a place called Jaws on the island of Maui is a must for anyone ever wowed by the waves.--D.G. McDonald

Blue Max, photographer
The island is a constantly changing being, a living soul. It is my hope that in the future people will look through these photographs to see how things were at this point in time. They will bear witness to what we've done with the island of Maui since. I feel we need to respect this island and the ocean that surrounds us for each and every moment. I hope that my images inspire the viewer as they have me, instilling in them the respect and love it takes to maintain this wild and natural beauty.

The author, Leslie Lyon, August 14, 1998, Please read Tiger Espere's words.
It is the most inspirational piece in our book. No matter what thrills you in Life, his words will give you insight and comfort.

The publisher, Peter W. Cannon , November 6, 1998, Jaws Maui is the cover story in Nov. National Geographic
Jaws Maui is the cover story in the November issue of National Geographic. N.G has maped the ocean floor at Jaws to explain why these monster wave form at Peahi, Maui. The magazine has a circulation of 10.400,000 worldwide. The cover of the book is the cover of the magazine. Enjoy! Aloha Peter Cannon


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