Save Our Surf


SOS is involved in a variety of causes involving Hawaiian beaches.  If you or anyone you know is involved with SOS, please have them contact me.  They had promised to send information for this FREE web site, and never did.
If that doesn't work (because of my aggressive spam filter, try removing the caps from the following address:

We have a page about other environmental organizations in Hawaii at our big Hawaii information site,

We have dedicated a lot of our time and energy to creating various web sites that deal with environmental issues. For instance, our first web site, back in 1994, when Netscape 1 was new and Yahoo was in a garage, was about organic gardening. Now we have a large organic gardening site which includes many organic gardening articles by Mort Mather, former president of the Maine Organic Gardener's Association. We also have a section on organic gardening in Hawaii and an organic gardener's supply store.

I maintain an environmental blog, dedicated mostly to the politics of environmentalism, but I include other issues as well as updates to our various websites, especially our free computer wallpaper sites.

EcoMaui is our guide to Maui for the environmentally gifted.

EconoMaui is our guide to Maui for the economically challenged.