Simpsons music Simpsons Songs from "The Simpsons
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Simpsons Music Simpsons Songs

 Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons: Original Music From The Television Series [SOUNDTRACK]THX - Turn It Up!.mp3

Bobbins, Sherry - A Half-ass Job .mp3

Bart and Michael Jackson - Happy Birthday Lisa.mp3

Homer & Apu - Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart.mp3

Homer sings 'The Joker'.MP3

Homer's Barbershop Quaret - B sharps sign on rooftop.mp3

It Was a Very Good Beer.mp3


Main Title Theme (Extended Version).mp3

Tito Puente & His Latin Jazz Ensemble - Senor Burns.mp3

We Do (The Stonecutters Song).mp3

Springfield Springfield Bart and Milhouse Squishee High.mp3


simpsons_those_were_the_days.wav (145K)
The All in the Family tune

cletus_the_slack_jawed_yokel.wav (153K)
Cletus' theme song

ned_flanders_theme-song.wav (27K)
Ned Flanders' theme song

seymore_skinners_theme.wav (82K)
Seymore Skinner's theme song

professor_frink_song.wav (79K)
Professor Frink's theme song (ehyeaay!)

lisa_simpson_gather_round.wav (85K)
Lisa's strike song ("...they have the plant but we have the power.")

homer_simpson_bologna.wav (69K)
My bologna has a first name, it's h-o-m-e-r...

homer_simpson_nacho_man.wav (63K)
Nacho Nacho man, I want to be a nacho man.

homer_simpson_song.wav (268K)
The Flintstones' opening tune sung by Homer

homer_simpson_spanish_flea.wav (32K)
Homer's rendition of The Little Spanish Flea

homer_simpson_under_the_sea.wav (121K)
Homer's version of Under the Sea

homer_simpson_war.wav (75K)
War - what the hell's it good for?

homer_simpson_when_i_was_17.wav (199K)
Classic.  ("When I was 17, I drank some very good beer....")

homer_simpson_yummy_yummy.wav (124K)
Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy....

simpsons_amendment_to_be.wav (210K)
Parody of the School House Rock thing.

simpsons_burlesque_song.wav (302K)
from the Mason Derier - Gotta love this one!

Oh, wait, these aren't mine!

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