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"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." -- Dan Quayle

George W. Bush is a lying scumbag beholden to the special interests that put him in office. He is allowing corporations to poison our water and air (even more than they already do), criminals and non-union companies to work for federal contracts, ransacking the surplus to hand out to the rich friends who financed his coup, and sentencing women around the world to death by cutting off funds to family planning groups. He wants to chop down more trees, build more roads through forests, drill for oil in ANWR, melt the ice caps, raise the ocean level, spend billions on a missile defense shield that won't work to make his and Cheney's defense friends richer, and end peace talks with North Korea (because they're one of the "Rogue Nations" we cannot let hold this nation "hostile"). He is the Resident, not the President.

Scott Supak, April 2, 2001

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Sex, Lies, and Cassettes
The Following was written in 1998.

Now the approval ratings for the president are higher than ever, and the press's ratings are at all time lows.  Hey, maybe the press should go back to the kind of yellow journalism that works, like when Hearst said hemp was marijuana, or when damn near every paper in the world said the Russians were capable of keeping up their army and their economy (thus justifying our huge cold war expenditures on weapons that cost us billions and don't work).  Anybody remember star wars?  How about the B-1 Bomber (and now, the B-2)?

Number of people besides Al Gore who called the Washington Post last March to point out an "upside-down" Earth photo: 0
Harper's Magazine, June, 1998

The national press is just the tip of the ice berg.  Local "press," like The Antelope Valley Press, in Palmdale, near the Lockhead Skunk Works operation and Edwards Air Force Base, are mere shells of a free press, packed with people who realize that without those big defense bucks, they couldn't survive out there in the desert.   Why else would that paper keep suggesting they elect Buck McKeon, who has the balls to stand up in congress and tell us we need more of the $2 billion dollar planes that cost even more billions to take care of.  And for what?  To bomb Sadam?  We bombed him pretty well without that plane last time.

This whole thing smells like an old Nixon trick, called Rat Fucking.   Ordering pizzas for the opposition's convention was kid's play perpetuated by Nixon's USC Mafia.  They stepped up to petty burglary, and got caught.  In these tabloid times, Republicans with no way to debate Clinton have resorted to closet searching for skeletons that, number one, don't exist, and number two, don't seem to matter to people as long as they like the job being done.

And who wouldn't?  The economy is in great shape.  We have a president who knows ketchup is not a vegetable.  He believes in environmental threats, not science fiction schemes to protect us from missiles.  He creates tax breaks for working families, not wall street lawyers (for the most part).  The best Jesse Helms can do is hold up votes on nominees for judicial positions, which just winds up hurting everyone.  Thanks Jesse.   Now get bent, while the rest of us wipe our asses with you.

When the mid-term elections roll around this time, remember Newt Gingrich.   Remember the kind of tabloid politics these guys have resorted to.  Remember Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, and all the old Republican Ideals, like trickle down economics, and tax breaks for the rich, and, well, you get the idea. 

Those of you who believe the video you paid Jerry Falwell for, that claims Clinton is a murderer, without offering any proof, well, rest assured that Mr. Falwell is enjoying his vacation with your money.  In fact, he and Gingrich and Helms are probably trying to figure out a way to make more money of you poor saps who believe anything anybody tells you.  Be sure to pick up that rag in the supermarket line; it probably has the latest scoop on our president for you to wish were true.

Of course, what makes you most sad is the realization that, even though Clinton did have an affair, the American people care most about the job he's doing, not his private life.   And that strikes terror into the hearts of Republicans whose best hope for the White House may be Dan Quayle or Pete Wilson.

Maybe, the way tabloid talk runs the world, the republicans should find themselves a pot smoking, womanizing, draft dodger.  Maybe that's the kind of guy the baby boom wants to run the country..... [Note from 2005: They got a coke-snorting, draft dodging, Armageddon loving, megalomaniac instead]

Scott Supak


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