Scott Supak
Scott Supak web site marketing and search engine optimization services for small business that thought they couldn't afford it!
I would relish more work as a free-lance internet marketing consultant, web site designer, and content creator and editor. I will always work at being a better reader, organic gardener, slow-food enthusiast, writer, blogger, forager, bird watcher, guitarist, husband, and father.
Owner/Operator    1994-present
Bald Mountain Press (BMP)   California / Hawaii
I have clients from Hawaii to Maine who depend on search engines to generate customers. I make sure they get higher search engine ranks than most, if not all, of their competition for the keywords and phrases we carefully choose and integrate into their internet brand. As internet marketing has grown into a major industry, I have expanded into every realm a small business needs to successfully market their services or products in today's world, including blogs, web 2.0, social media, and social bookmarking.

Stage Technician   1987-2007
IATSE Local 33   Los Angeles, CA
I freelance through the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 33, Burbank, mostly through requests for a variety of positions including electrician, property, grip, audio, and projection. I have been a head of department for lighting (gaffer) and audio for a wide variety of shows. I have worked as the projectionist at the Mark Taper Forum at the Los Angeles Music Center, and was the Assistant Soundman there when I was diagnosed with a disability that made it impossible to continue with the work.

Automation Engineer 2000-2003
Operated the fly rail automation system for the Los Angeles Production of the Lion King at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, CA.

Creative Director    1997-1998
Pacific Gold Digital Technologies   Lahaina, Hawaii
Creative Director, Pacific Gold Digital Technologies. Responsible for the production, organization, navigability, graphics, search engine submission and performance for what was to be the largest site about Hawaii ever built. I also worked as head writer, photographer, and team leader for content, as well as helping with marketing (now defunct).

Director   1996-1997
Antelope Valley Internet Mall   Quartz Hill, CA
World Wide Web designer and part owner of The Antelope Valley Internet Mall. At the time, the avimall was the largest informational web site in the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, CA. (now defunct)

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy   1986
University of Arkansas   Fayetteville, AR
I was only a few classes short of a minor in English (with emphasis on creative writing) and Radio/Television. I won the Felix Christopher McCain award for poetry in 1985, the first underclassman to win the $100 prize ever. In my senior year I was an assistant to the President of the University of Arkansas. I was chosen to write reports for then University President Ray Thornton (now State Supreme Court Associate Justice, Arkansas). My work-study position was essentially an assignment to reinvent the University administration. I researched what worked and did not, interviewed teachers, students, and administrators, and reported directly to Mr. Thornton.

High School    1982
Magnet Cove High   Magnet Cove, AR
The Arkansas High School Press Association granted me awards for journalism in 1981 and 1982-my Jr. and Sr. years at Magnet Cove High School, near Hot Springs, Arkansas. I was the editor of the high school newspaper both years (first Jr. and first two year editor in school history). In my Sr. year I was Vice President of the student council.

Governor’s School of Arkansas   1981
Hendrix College  Conway, AR
At the Arkansas Governor's School for the Gifted and Talented, I was one of three hundred students chosen from around the state based on grades, test scores, teacher recommendations, and an entrance essay. I was honored to spend five weeks at Hendrix College, Conway, AR. My specialty was Natural Sciences.


Scott Supak

  • World wide web site design and development including advanced HTML programming, graphic design, web page design for maximum search engine results, web site marketing and promotion, and search engine optimization.
  • Photography, lighting, video production, and how to best translate these medium to the world wide web in terms of quality and bandwidth concerns.
  • Music and audio production, including playing guitar, singing, writing music, and mixing audio.


References available on request.