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web site design search engine ranking enhancement

Scott Supak   scott@supak.com
search engine ranking improvementI help small businesses get higher search engine ranks, drive more and better traffic to their web sites, create blogs with those objectives, and use social media and many other techniques to provide internet marketing for people who probably didn't even know they could benefit from it (or at least didn't think they could afford to). You can keep up with my various internet marketing efforts at my Internet Marketing and Organic SEO blog.
search engine ranking improvementYou can find out more about me through my Google Profile, my blog Backstage w/ Supak, my facebook site, or by browsing this web site from the top.

Scott Supak on stump, Oregon Lake, photo (c) Emy Frasca (31768 bytes)
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Scott Supak (guitar) and Marty Ward (banjo)
Marty Ward on Banjo. Big versions: 900 | 800 | 640

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