New York City Pictures
October, 2001
by Robin Supak

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World Trade Center disaster site picture
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New York City World Trade Center rubble
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World Trade Center Wreckage picture of the trade center disaster site twin towers disaster site twin towers wreckage
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wreckage of the world trade center picture of the twin towers wreckage twin towers rubble
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Engine 14 - NYFD - New York Fire Department Engine Company 14 picture
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picture of a victims memorial to the victims of the world trade center twin towers disaster
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John Lennon Special billboard in New York City, October, 2001
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Midtown Manhattan skyline, October, 2001
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These pictures are copyright Robin Supak, October, 2001. Any use other than personal is expressly forbidden without written permission.

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New York picture 2002 by Scott Supak:

View from the Helmsly Hotel at 42nd and Third, Murray Hill, Manhattan, New York City
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