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From the "Kids say the darndest things" files:
by Robin Supak

Tonight I read Rumpelstiltskin to my 5-year-old son Spencer.  It went something like this...

So the miller's daughter was painted into an impossible corner by her really bad father.  She dies unless she delivers the gold by dawn.   The little dude shows up and wants to know what she has to offer if he spins for her.  "I will give you my necklace," she replies.

The next night she's in the same bind only bigger.   This time, when he asks what she will  give him for his help, she says, "I will give you my ring."  Done deal.

Naturally, the greedy king ups the ante.  When she delivers on this last load, she can be queen.  Or die.

This time Rumpelstiltskin springs his trap.  "I have nothing left to offer," she sobs, and he starts into the then-give-me-your-first-born thing.

"Wait!" interrupts Spencer." She's still got a dress!  Give him your dress!"


Spencer says, "Making a mocracy..."

More funny kid stories coming soon...

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