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"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."
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"The future of civilization depends on water.  I beg you all to understand this."
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
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Organic Gardening
A. Mozafar, Ph.D. of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, published findings in Plant and Soil proving plants can absorb vitamins from soil, and that using manure as a fertilizer, contrary to what chemical manufacturers will tell you, can actually boost a crop's vitamin B12 level.
  • Garden Spot
    Mort Mather's articles on practically everything you need to know to be an organic gardener.
  • Hemp
    End the hemp prohibition!
  • Worms
    If your soil doesn't have worms someone killed them.
  • Organic Food
    It is healthier!  Finally, an end to that argument!
  • Organic Facts
    Get the facts on organic gardening.
  • Organic Lawns
    Greener, healthier, more drought, pest, and disease resistant!
  • Out with the Old
    Leave any land better than you found it!
  • Organic Hawaii
    There's really not that much of it, so why poison it?
  • Organic Gardening Supplies
    Vote with your dollars when you shop for environmentally friendly products.
    • The Worm-A-Roo
      This indoor vermicomposting bin uses worms to turn your kitchen waste into organic fertilizer!

Maui, Hawaii
Just a little west of there and you're into tomorrow!
Books, Movies, Music, Gardening Supplies, Toys, Electronics, Games, Software, etc.
We recommend books, movies, and music throughout our site that you can click on and buy from a secure server, now!   We've included reviews, quotes, samples, MP3s, movie sound clips, and more!  Or, search for your favorite books, music, or movies!
The Portal
Freedom of the press goes only to those who own one.
  • Thoughts
    The opinions of the author are the opinions of the publisher.
  • Mort's Philosophy
    Mort Mather is a farmer, philosopher, and former stagehand.  I can sympathize.
  • Web Publishing
    Includes my client list. 
    I can make it look the way you want.  But what do you want to say?  How high would you like to appear in searches?
The Supaks
You know, a message board, guest book kinda thing.  Let's see some chatter!


The End of the World
won't be pretty!
Organic gardening hints, tips, articles, columns, and advice!

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The Best of Organic Gardening, by Mike McGrath

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