A guide to organic agriculture in Hawaii, including an article on composting in the tropics, links to organic Hawaiian farms and other ecological Hawaiian issues.

Organic Hawaii
-- a guide to organic agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands.

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Since we don't live in Hawaii anymore, we really don't keep this site up to date. For more information about Hawaii, see: Hawaii Stuff like pictures, information, and shopping. Some of the information here is still good, though, so enjoy. SS, 01/20/2013

For the ecologically gifted: ecological guide to Maui, includes virtual and ecological tourssutainable hawaii hawaiian agriculture farms organic produce coffee fruit vegetablesThe way things grow in Hawaii, you'd wonder why anyone would ever need or want to use any synthetic chemicals.  Rich, volcanic clay soil, all types of weather, and, depending on elevation and location, any type of growing conditions.  Add organic matter (compost) to Hawaiian soil and you'll grow some of the healthiest plants on earth!For the financialy challenged: a guide to inexpensive, free, and discount activities, lodging, and transportation on Maui!
sutainable hawaii hawaiian agriculture farms organic produce coffee fruit vegetablesOf course, for years in Hawaii, sugar was king.  In terms of agricultural land use, it still is.  Sugar production is anything but a clean process that is destroying the Hawaiian ecosystem (what's left of it).  A much better crop, especially when used in rotation, would be hemp.
sutainable hawaii hawaiian agriculture farms organic produce coffee fruit vegetablesContinue on to links to Hawaiian farms and other Hawaii agriculture links to see how some farmers are going organic to save Hawaii.


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