A guide to purchasing organic Hawaiian products including organic agricultural products from Hawaii and the Hawaiian Islands.

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When you get here, get one.  A lot of people come here.   It would help if they made as little impact as they could.  The Maui Eco Directory is a complete guide to eco-companies on Maui.

ecological guide to Maui, includes virtual and ecological tourssutainable hawaii hawaiian agriculture farms organic produce coffee fruit vegetablesVoting with your dollar will have the most impact on the planet.  Your backyard is a nice place to start.  Using your money to buy manure instead of miracle grow, buying insecticidal soaps instead of pesticides, and solving weed problems with mulch instead of herbicides are great ways to send a message to the chemical industry.  Of course, if you're into sending a message, buy hemp products and support the movement to legalize industrial hemp production.guide to inexpensive, free, and discount activities, lodging, and transportation on Maui!
sutainable hawaii hawaiian agriculture farms organic produce coffee fruit vegetablesContinue this line of thought to your local produce section.  Organic vegetables may cost a little more now, but eventually, if there's continued demand, the supply will catch up.  Hawaii and the planet will thank us for it.

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Mort Mather Maine Organic Gardener, and king of conserved energy, articles on-line now!

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