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Manic for organic - Los Angeles Times
...proponents of organic farming have been maintaining for years that conventionally grown produce is neither as tasty nor as nutritious as organic fruits and vegetables. But many of us have been skeptics, perhaps to justify our reluctance to pay up to twice as much for food labeled "organic" and sold at smug yuppie temples to the "natural" lifestyle. Now comes a scientific study that shows that the nutrient content of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables has dropped markedly since the 1950s."

Researchers link weed killer to flaws in frogs
Berkeley researchers studied the effects of low levels of atrazine on the African clawed frog, and reported that male frogs sometimes developed female sex organs. For more information about frogs, check out our frog site with Frog news, posters, toys, books, and more.

Read this "pest" control answer which re-enforces my theory that when people are telling people to spray ladybugs with pesticides, something is very wrong.

Read the new articles on the benefits of using mulch and compost in your organic garden, in the Garden Spot, by Mort Mather. Ask Mort your organic gardening questions!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: healthy plants grown in healthy soil are more pest, disease, and drought resistant.

Phil Lempert
mentioned on 9/4/00 that the USDA says vine ripening maximizes the photochemical nutrient content of produce. Since organic produce usually ripens in the field and is sold close to where it's grown, it follows that organic produce is healthier.

Noel Peterson points out that, "In Florida, for example, citrus growers pick grapefruit from September to November--a full two months earlier than normal--by ripening them with lead arsenate." As a result, 30% of Florida grapefruits contain average lead levels of 170 parts per billion (ppb). Read more here.

A. Mozafar
, Ph.D. of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, published findings in Plant and Soil proving plants can absorb vitamins from soil, and that using manure as a fertilizer, contrary to what chemical manufacturers will tell you, can actually boost a crop's vitamin B12 level.

Don't think Dubya's going to help the organic food cause...

U.S. Sets National Standard for Organic Foods
December 20, 2000

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Clinton administration on Wednesday announced a comprehensive national definition for "organic" in all processed foods and products, enabling consumers to purchase fruits, vegetables and meats grown without pesticides or hormones.

Under the new national standard, organic foods cannot include biotechnology and irradiation procedures. Foods labeled as "organic" must consist of at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients, the U.S. Agriculture Department said.

U.S. food companies, environmentalists, farmers and some lawmakers have eagerly anticipated a national organic standard as shoppers seek alternatives to genetically modified crops and hormone-injected livestock.

The USDA said consumers will be able to recognize organic products because they will carry a USDA mark on them, similar to the "USDA Prime" identification for beef or the grade labels on egg cartons.

The label "organic" had previously fallen under a hodgepodge of state, regional and private certifier standards, giving rise to confusion about its meaning.

Don't miss the Pesticide Action Network Updates Service archives.

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