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A letter from a reader:

I agree that organic food is better for all of us. It is a shame that the government does not set the prices for organic nutritional foods at a much more affordable rate than they are at the present time. It is terrible to know that our Government who cries family values, allows the dairy farmers to inject cows with hormones and extreme amounts of antibiotics, that get passed to all of us in the dairy foods. And then turn around and use the tax dollars to buy all of the surplus milk from the farmers as if they are doing us a favor. And yet there are so many hungry people in the world. When will it stop being about money.

Time and time again, I hear stories about restaurants and grocery stores that will contaminate the food that they throw out in the trash because it does not look perfect, instead of giving it away. Always afraid that someone will be getting something for nothing. How sad, It is food. And what happened to the FDA approving such things like olestra. That is absolutely horrible. I think about all the children who will eat foods with olestra because someone they love bought it, and they eat it thinking that it is safe. And everyone wonders why there are soooooooo many ill people these days.

In my family and friends alone five people in the past five years have gotten cancer (3 family, 2 friends) One friend and one relative died both last year. Two are in remission, and one is fighting for their life. All with completely different lifestyles, So what is going on? I think it is in the food for the main part. Only two of these people smoked. And they all live in different parts of the world. So what is it? How can people argue that chemically treated food is better than organic?

And why do they have to put sooooo much food coloring in everything, candy, syrups, deserts, everything If more people knew that it came from such things as coal tar, maybe they would think about giving it to their kids. And the commercials on tv, using innocent little children to show that foods with additives, chemicals are alright, when they themselves have no clue as to what is good for them and are used as little puppets, to leer people to buy the products for their children.

They need to have more programs on tv that can inform the consumers the dangers of all the additives, chemicals and preservatives. Well I hope that this message wasn't too long, When will the government help to actually save the children is my question. Thank you,
Sincerely Mrs. Adams

Organic Gardening Web Sites is an online database that allows you to find or list any apprenticeship or volunteer opportunities concerning sustainability and the environment. Organic Volunteers is a hub where farmers can go online to exchange information on our forum, post events on the calendar and generally promote organics.

The Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds.

The Safe Fertilizers Campaign by CALPIRG has discovered that our farms, lawns and gardens are dumping grounds for toxic waste! Here's a quote: “When it goes into our silo, it's a hazardous waste. When it comes out of the silo, it's no longer regulated. The exact same material. Don't ask me why.” Dick Camp, President, Bay Zinc Co. Fertilizer Manufacturer.

Organic Gardening from Rodale Press - the kings of the organic gardening publishing world for a long, long time! Their Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening is the Bible of organic gardeners.

Starting Page "Top 2000" award!We were a starting page "Top 2000" selection!'s gardening section is written and maintained by Deb Simpson, who's doing a great job! She has tons of info about practically everything garden related (leaning to the organic) and a great links section!

Hawaii's Special - bringing you the taste and spirit of hawaii. Photos, gourmet salad dressings, gift baskets, farming info, and more.

Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
"You Can Grow" using organic gardening as a medium for creative expression, sustainable gardening, and spiritual growth.

Kieto's Daily Recipe and FuNnIeS!
Great Free recipes new and old world; fun and games for adults and kids; clean jokes, and FREE music for the entire family just for visiting.

Organic Links! A great collection of organic links!

Sun Organic Food organic food, organic fruit and organic nuts - plus a nice article on why to go organic. offers hundreds of varieties of organic vegetable and herb seeds, gardening  and planting information.

The Field Farm, a retail general store in rural Vermont, provides maple syrup and other Vermont products.

Fulcrum Publishing
Though we’re interested in just about everything under our Colorado sun, we try to specialize in books about the West, Travel and Outdoors, Teacher Resources, Gardening, and Native American culture.

Topline Whsle Dist Co - Worms, vermicomposting, worm equipment, worm supplies, worm books and lots of worm informantion.

Organic Gardening From Down Under
LOTS of pictures and info - including a list of natural sources for trace elements.

Rod's Organic Vegie Patch
A South Australian site dedicated to quick tips and useful information for organic vegetable gardeners.

Organic Gardens: Organic Gardening Information and Organic Gardening Advice

CROPMASTER.  We are manufacturers of Natural, Organic, Biological Fertilizers, Micro-Nutrients, Soil conditioners, Humic Acids, Seaweed nutritional products, Fish nutritional products and Crop Protection products.

PepperJoe -- "Pepper Joe's Hot Pepper Seed Catalog" - Specializing in rare and unusual seeds. Home of the FREE dancing pepper-postcards.

US Soil


American Kelp Corporation


PrairieLinks Agriculture Directory
Western Canada's Premiere Starting Point for Agriculture
Prairie Picks Ag Awards
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The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Worms in Your Garden - by Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor

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