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Spencer hiding at the old house.See the outline at the bottom of the organic gardening page for the most important tip an organic gardener needs.

Life goes on.

Lost work in California led to a lost house and a lost dream.  We spent four years turning that back yard into a organic jungle.  I had a theory that, since we lived in the desert, if we couldn't eat it, we wouldn't water it.  So, we wound up with a garden full of edible everything.  I miss the oregano.  I miss the cherry trees.   If there hasn't been much rain, I'm sure it's all dead now.

Screw your enemies.

Every time I start feeling like this, I just look around.  We live two blocks from the longest continuous stretch of sand in the state of Hawaii.  We have banana trees.  This summer, when the sun's high enough to reach this little back yard (about a twelfth the size of our old one), I'll plant some vegetables.  Maybe by then I'll feel better.Jasmine with an organic apple from the old garden.

Scrape them off.

Our old site was taken down without notice by the former hosts who broke a verbal agreement in doing so.  Oh well.  It happens.  Then you step in it.   Best to just scrape it off your shoe and move on.

Find what counts.

Organic gardeners are a lot easier to find here.  A whole population of das hipas or hippies descended on Maui in the 60's and 70's.  They brought a different sensibility.  They fight the sugar cane burning, Army Corp of Engineers plans to blow up reef to make a bigger harbor at Maalaea, and a whole host of hair-brained development plans.  It's a big change from the right-wing, red-neck, we-love-our-synthetic-chemicals republican stronghold.  And a welcome one.

Anyone trying to improve their soil (and, therefore, the health of your plants) should read the basics of composting.

Thank your friends.

I thank everyone who contributed to the old organic gardening site.  It was a wild frontier when the web was young.  I got a lot of mail from hard working folks who realize that synthetic chemical farming is killing us and our planet.  I really got tired of people who actually would argue the point.   It's like arguing evolution.  I just couldn't bang my head against that wall anymore.

Life goes on.

Serious gardeners should read Mort Mather's Garden Spot.Click here to purchase Gardening for Independence, by Mort Mather!   He's been doing it a lot longer than me, anyway.  You scientific types should check out Dr. Robert Faust's site about humic acids.   For a real quick save-the-world fix, get behind the hemp movement.  And, finally, if you love Hawaii, you owe it to yourself to find out more about Organic Hawaii and the people who are struggling to preserve the newest land on earth.

Scott Supak



New House in California! Organic Flower Garden!


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