Organic Gardening organic gardening on-line since 1995 to help people go (and stay) organic! Don't miss Mort Mather's Garden Spot! Start with our organic gardening outline which tells beginner gardeners they should start with the soil because healthy soil grows drought, disease and pest resistant plants. Read our organic gardening blog and our environmentalist blog to keep up with the politics and news affecting the organic community.

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Gourmet organic Kona coffee from Hawaii!

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Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener

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Lasagna Gardening : A New Layering System for Bountiful Gardens : No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding, No Kidding! by Patricia Lanza (Paperback)

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The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control

The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control

Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers, 4th Edition, by Donald N. Maynard, George J. Hochmuth (Contributor), James Edward handbook Knott
Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers, 4th Edition: recommended for market gardeners by Mort Mather, former president of the Maine Organic Gardeners and Farmers Association! Ask Mort your organic gardening questions in the Garden Spot.

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This is the place for organic gardening advice! We have books and articles about soil, tilth, organic food, organic facts, and hemp!  Organic gardening advice, books, hints, tips, articles. Improve your soil tilth naturally. We have info on: organic pest control, weed control, plant health, vegetables, fruits, trees, herbs, and plenty more! Ask Mort Mather!

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Quick organic gardening tip:
When using insecticidal soap always use purified water; the chlorine and other contaminates in your tap water, when mixed with the soap, could actually do more damage than good. Make sure your soil is healthy and you'll have a lot less problems that need sprays of any sort.

Avid gardeners should check out the newsgroup rec.gardens which has all kinds of info from really nice folks who know their gardening!

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Gardening organically is fun, cheap, and easy!
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Award winning organic Kona coffee
from the organic farm our Big Island friend, Dr. Faust!

Reading organic gardening books
is the best way to learn about growing plants without synthetic chemicals.

Landscape USA
has a lot of great stuff for gardeners.

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Scott SupakRobin Supak

This organic gardening site was created in 1995 by Scott Supak, who still maintains and contributes to it, Organic gardening is good exercise, eh, Mort? with a lot of help from his wife, Robin, and friend Mort Mather.



Vote with your dollars!

Almost Good to Go Organic and Local Food Takeout Restaurant! We're in the early stages of starting a small, organic and local food takeout restaurant in our small town of Cherry Valley, NY--between Cooperstown and Sharon Springs. We're looking for investors now to help us make this dream a reality and bring more fresh, healthy, organic, and local food to the area.

Our friend Ellen runs a business called Goldpetals. She makes high-quality natural skin care products in upstate New York. Nectar Hills Farm in central New York grows organic produce and grass fed meats.

Our friends at Nectar Hills Farm now have a CSA (community supported agriculture) program so you can support this great farm and get discounts on the meat, organic produce, honey, cheese, and more! Remember, grass fed meat is better for you, the animal, and the planet.

Check out our new Sustainable Store which features organic and sustainable shopping solutions for a progressive planet.


We moved and we're gardening again! We got to zone 5 of upstate NY just in time to put in a little fall garden of spinach, onions, lettuce, greens, arugula, and peas (which the deer just love). In celebration of our return to the soil, I've started blogging again at the organic garden blog, which was just rated one of the 100 best organic blogs! Wow, when we started all this, there weren't any blogs! Just us answering emails on this site...

We're proud to be the host of Mort Mather's Garden Spot organic gardening articles. Makes sense to brush up on the lazy man's advice for organic gardening, since a little work now will save a ton later. Mort has a new website and a blog now!

Our favorite organic Kona coffee farm is under new management, and the coffee is better than ever! And, you farmers will love the Hawaii organic coffee farming blog, where you can follow the trials and tribulations of restoring and running an organic coffee plantation on the big island of Hawaii.

Check out our garden store. Our organic gardening advice outline is at the bottom of this page! Eating organic food is better for you and our planet.  Get the facts.  Don't miss Mort Mather's recommended organic gardening books.

Read more at the organic gardening news archives and our organic gardening blog.

Organic Gardening Books

How to Grow World Record Tomatoes : A Guiness Champion Reveals His All-Organic Secrets by Charles Wilber by Charles WilberSetting records organically: How to Grow World Record Tomatoes: A Guiness Champion Reveals His All-Organic Secrets by Charles Wilber by Charles Wilber. Getting to the root of the matter: Start With the Soil : The Organic Gardener's Guide to Improving Soil for Higher Yields, More Beautiful Flowers, and a Healthy, Easy-Care Garden, by Grace Gershuny. Hey, Mort's been saying that all along.

Organic Gardening Articles

How to improve your soil, by Scott Supak

We get so many pest and disease control questions that are best answered with the phrase "healthy plants grown in healthy soil are more drought, disease, and pest resistant," that I decided to write an article on how to make your soil healthy. Read this article to turn your lawn and garden into a perfectly balanced ecosystem.Click here to purchase Gardening for Independence now!

Mort Mather's Garden Spot

Gardening for Independence - by Barbara and Mort Mather, our resident experts on organic market gardening... They raised their family on what they grew for themselves and sold organic vegetables to market too!Mort's a farmer who understands the importance and benefits of being organic.  He believes deeply in the "soil bank,"  and he explains it well to anyone who will listen.  For the beginner, novice, or expert, Mort's sense of humor and straightforwardness, you will walk away feeling like you met the guru.


Worms are nature's composting, fertilizing, aerating, tilling machines!   They do all the work for you.  If you don't have worms in your soil, then you've been spraying poison, haven't you?  Any synthetic chemical, especially fertilizer, is poison to worms.  And since most people over-fertilize, especially their lawns, fertilizer becomes poison to everyone.Buy The Great Book of Hemp : The Complete Guide to the Commercial, Medicinal and Psychotropic Uses of the World's Most Extraordinary Plant by Rowan Robinson (pen name) and Robert A. Nelson


The Great Book of Hemp - everything you ever wanted to know about Hemp - the world's wonder plant...Industrial hemp production could help the condition of our soil considerably.   While sugar is subsidized to insure its profitability, no such subsidies would be necessary for hemp.  Hemp grows in poor soil, with very little care, and actually helps soil that has suffered chemical exposure.  Several states now have pending industrial hemp bills!  Write your representatives!

Organic Lawns

Organic Lawns are easier and cheaper to maintain, and they're better for you, your kids, and your environment!Safe and Easy Lawn Care - great book for green lawns the natural and safe way! Don't bag those grass clippings!  Leave them there! They're full of nitrogen!

Organic HawaiiSafe and Easy Lawn Care

Organic Hawaii is our guide to organic Hawaiian agriculture.  They still burn the sugar cane, but there are a lot of people into organic agriculture in Hawaii, and I've attempted to list a good portion of them at Organic Hawaii. Check out the size of this cauliflower!  organic gardening, agri, farming, gardens, garden, farm, farms, food, plant, plants, vegetables, fruit, trees, tree, mulch, mulching, compost, soil, worms, grow, growing, produce, chemical free, natural, nature, till, tilth, weeds, weeding, mulching, flowers, lawns, grass, yards, landscaping, earth, dirt, ground, land, farmland, hemp, Hawaii, Maine, Mort Mather, Gardening for Independence, cancer, carcinogens, pesticides, herbicides, funghicides, fertilizer, NPK, synthetic chemicals, poison, poisons, health, healthy, nutrition, nutrients, humus, permaculture, sustainable agriculture, agricultural, spring, summer, fall, winter, frost, erosion, seeds, seedlings, transplants, transplanting, life, cover crops, crop, harvest, sewDr. Robert Faust (Big Island of Hawaii) helps soil through the use of Humic Products.  As you can see from the size of this cauliflower, his methods work.  He has all kinds of in-depth information at his site about using humic products to increase the tilth and productivity of your soil.  Humates are the salts of humic acids and come from the remains of plant and animal life that accumulated in a vast freshwater sea in the western US.

Here's a bunch of organic gardening books, gardening posters, and art prints!

Gardening Glory III
Gardening Glory III
Abbott, Jennifer
16 in. x 20 in.
Buy this Art Print at
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