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C L I C K to order now!  Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening : The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener from Rodale Press. We HIGHLY recommend this organic gardening book!!!

Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening : The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener
is a very special resource for the organic gardener.

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Featuring organic farming and gardening author Mort Mather's Garden Spot where you can post your organic gardening questions! Mort's answers often stress the importance of healthy soil for healthy plants that are more disease, pest and drought tolerant thereby eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered plants.

Our staff of organic gardening, farming, food, nutrition, cooking and preparation experts!

Mort Mather, Wells, Maine, former President of the Maine Organic Farmers Association and long time organic gardening columnist. Dr. Robert Faust, big island, Hawaii, in Organic Hawaii. Dr. Faust's bio-organic farm produces award winning Kona coffee! Scott Supak, Canyon Country, California, organic gardener, writer, web master, web designer, and organic food and garden supply store operator. Organic gardening web site operator since 1996! Robin Supak, Los Angeles, California, organic food preparation expert trained in Hawaii and California in healthy food cooking, nutrition, and sushi preparation. 

Jasmine Supak - our organic food connoisseurOrganic Gardening starts with soil and compost. Ask questions about organic yards, lawns, flower and vegetable gardens: Books, free articles archives, FAQ, organic shopping, food, household products, and garden supplies and equipment.

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Organic gardening begins with soil and compost. Composting and vermicomposting are easy! We have composters and vermicomposting systems. We answer your questions about organic yards, lawns, flowers, vegetables, gardens, books, articles, organic shopping, food, household products, supplies, garden supplies, equipment, farms, farming, organic farms, agriculture, organic agriculture, crops, food supply, genetic engineering, genetically engineered food, pest control, sustainable agriculture, weeds, organic weed control, integrated pest management, pests, insects, insect identification, and more! Enter our organic gardening site now to see what we're talking about.  If you can't find an answer, don't be shy: ask us an organic gardening question!

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