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Surfrider Foundation home page, click here!  Conservation, activism, research, education.  Saving the ocean is not a spectator sport!

More info on Maui Environmentalism at: ECOMAUI!

Save Ma'alaea Bay!

See what Maalaea Harbor looks like right now, from the live camera at Buzz's Wharf!

The State/Army Corps of Engineers has plans to double the Ma'alaea Harbor's capacity by blasting outlying reefs for a 600' breakwater. Marine mammal experts cite impacts of heavier commercial boat traffic in nearby waters where green sea turtles feed and humpback whales mate and calve. For more info on these and other forms of life that depend on the bay in its current state, visit ECOMAUI!

If you are a member of the Maui Surfriders, please send anything you'd like to see printed here.

For more information on what you can do to help the Maui Surfriders Foundation, call Kurt Apel at (808) 879-7111

Maui, Hawaii, Surfrider Foundation, Maui Surfrider Foundation