Welding Art by Kenny Baird
metal sculpture and master welding

Sample orders:
  • Weld a house and ship it.
  • Weld a tree.

Always under construction.

welding and metal sculpture by Kenny Baird
Master welder Kenny Baird at work.

kenny_rodgers_set_350.jpg (14376 bytes)
The Kenny Rodgers set.

tree_sml.jpg (7367 bytes)
"Weld me a tree."

welding_a_house.jpg (7389 bytes)
"Weld me a house,
and ship it to Canada."

The Hollywood Bowl electronic sign on Highland Ave. The miniature of the Hollywood Bowl Stage was welded by Kenny Baird.
"Weld a miniature of the Hollywood Bowl stage."

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 Kenny Baird is a member of IATSE Local 33.

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