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I was thinking, in this season of giving, about a parent living in circumstances where providing necessities was a struggle. There are lots of people like that in the world—many too many in our own country. But my thoughts were not depressing because the person I was envisioning was a positive person, a person with an inner light.

Dear child of mine. At this time of giving I give to you my hands to play with. Hold my finger. Follow my hand with your eyes. Smile, giggle and laugh as my hands delight you with swoops and squiggles in the air and tickles on your feet and under your chin. Hold my hand as we walk together. Trace my hand with your finger. Slap my hand in mutual enjoyment of some thing of beauty. Hold my hand when I am in need and you are the parent.

I give to you my arms, to hold you, to comfort you, for you to pull and climb on. I give you my body which can provide shade or warmth. Ride my knees like a gentle donkey, a bucking horse or an erratic amusement ride.

I give you my ears to pull, to hear your noises, to understand your joy and sorrow and pain and pleasure. I give you my mouth to bestow gentle kisses, to blow soothing breezes, to speak words of wisdom and to be quiet. I give you my eyes where you will see yourself reflected on the surface, where you will see me when you look beyond the surface, where you will see yourself as a loved and valued being.

Know that if any of these gifts should fail or be removed a distance from you or be otherwise occupied; that this one gift above all the others, this gift of which the others are only an expression, a worldly manifestation, will always be yours. This gift is my undying, unequivocal, uncomplicated love. This love is undying because I am implanting it within you. With every touch and look and word I implant in you the knowledge that even if I am become ashes or dust in the world's eyes, in your heart I live for the sole purpose of bringing you pleasure—the pleasure of knowing you have value, of knowing you are loved.

Dear reader, I hope this thought has brought you some pleasure. I sometimes wonder if it is perhaps easier to give great gifts when material gifts are not available than when they are in abundance. I wish you a happy and healthy gift-giving season. I hope you will be able to give and receive much love.

©December 8, 1997

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Mort is a husband and father. He authored a book, Gardening For Independence and was named Environmentalist of the Year by Down East Magazine in 1987. He is a consultant for organizations. His address is 802 Bald Hill Road, Wells, ME 04090.

Mort retains all rights to his columns. Anyone interested in using them can get the rights at a very reasonable rate.

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