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The Garden Spot by Mort Mather
Mort now has a personal site, featuring excerpts from his new book, How to Improve Your Life Save the World. Mort also has a blog that features answers to gardening questions.

Organic gardening with Mort Mather.  "Now, what did I plant there last year?" Click for the large versions of these organic gardening pictures!
organic pest control methods
Barbara and Mort Mather in their organic flower garden.  Click for the big version!
organic weed control methods
Organic gardening step one: the compost pile.  Click for the big version!
organic gardening tips, organic gardening hints, organic gardening techniques, organic pest control methods, organic weed control methods, from organic gardener Mort Mather
Organic gardening with Mort Mather in Wells, Maine.  Click for the large version of this organic gardening picture.
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organic gardening advice about organic gardening books about organic gardening questions about organic gardening answers about organic gardening articles about organic gardening organicallyMort Mather is a father, organic farmer, philosopher, author (a book and numerous magazine articles), and environmentalist. His writing is laced with the kind of laid back humor that's made him a favorite of readers of magazines like Mother Earth News. He has a bushel of on-line organic gardening articles full of organic gardening advice! Just click a title in the list to the right. You can ask Mort for help with your organic gardening question. And, you can buy his book for only $6.50 (plus shipping).

"The land is our bank. Making deposits is a high priority."

Gardening for Independence by Barbara and Mort Mather - organic gardening and organic farming made simple and funny by a guy who raised his family own food he grew!  CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW!Gardening for Independence is a must read for any organic gardener or organic farmer! Funny, witty, well researched, well written, and more important now than ever, Gardening for Independence is the handbook for anyone who takes pride in land and work. Full of practical information and laughs, this book is a necessary addition to your organic gardening library!

Mort covers a wide range of topics in his book: organic gardening methods including organic weed and pest control, raising organic livestock, and proper storage of your fruits and vegetables. 

Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers, 4th Edition, by Donald N. Maynard, George J. Hochmuth (Contributor), James Edward handbook Knott
Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers, 4th Edition
Recommended for market gardeners by Mort Mather!

His aversion to chemicals, or any farming contrary to nature, is made clear in an often humorous way. More about the book is available here.

Mort was named Environmentalist of the Year by Down East Magazine in 1987. He works as a consultant for organizations.

Mort's organic garden now supplies many of the fresh, organic vegetables served in Joshua's, his son's gourmet restaurant in Wells, Maine. 

Cheer up your gardening shed or work space with gardening posters and art prints!

Gardening Glory III
Gardening Glory III
Abbott, Jennifer
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bulletThe big pictures of Mort's organic garden are here.

bulletGarden Guides recently published Mort's article on animals in the garden, and they have a discussion forum on the subject.

bulletMort is a member and former president of MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

bulletDon't miss Mort's friend the Tomato lady!  She has a great seed source list!

bulletMort's Philosophy essays cover little things, like life, liberty, happiness, love, and learning. 


To order an autographed copy of Gardening for Independence, send a check or money order for $8.50 (includes $2 shipping and handling) payable to:

Mort Mather
802 Bald Hill Road
Wells, ME 04090

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Featured Organic Gardening Articles

The best soil amendment you can use is the one you can make.

Organic weed control, water saving, and soil amending cure-all for the organic gardener.

Mort answers a reader's question on his blog about bindweed: "When my son was preteen I would pay him and a friend by the ounce for the "gold" roots. Perhaps I didn't pay enough or use the right motivation because, though he and his friend loved to dig, they tired of gold mining too soon. When my Tom Sawyer plan failed I found myself out there digging up the rhizomes. It was just a matter of keeping after them, getting as many as I could in the time I had and keeping an eye on the patch and going after any as they appeared above ground."

Natural Herbicide
Another organic gardening article from Mort's blog.

Compost Bins
Mort's advice on building compost bins, from his blog.

Joshua's is southern Maine fine dining restaurant featuring fresh organic food made from scratch. The vegetables are freshest in the summer when they come straight out of the Mather gardens planted especially to meet the needs of the restaurant.


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