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The Garden Spot
by Mort Mather

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organic agriculture book by Mort Mather, farmer, gardener
The cover of Gardening for Independence, by Mort Mather, organic  agriculture expert, farmer, gardener
Organic Gardening guru Mort Mather and family.

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Mort Mather gardens organically from his heart and common sense.  As the John Prine song says:

It don't make no sense that common sense don't make no sense no more.

In a world of chemically grown food, Mort relishes the life of soil.  While most of the food we eat is grown using soil-depleting, worm-killing, erosion causing methods, Mort grows what he eats in soil in which he invests.  His "land bank" analogy drives home the urgency of living off land you care for like a child's college fund.

Mort tells the story of his organic farming techniques humorously and simply.   He will answer his e-mail with thoughtful explanations that demonstrate a real concern for your particular gardening situation.  Any gardener who wants to go or wants to stay organic should read Mort's fresh perspective.

Click in to find out more about the man, his book, his philosophy, and a wealth of on-line organic gardening information you can browse now. Mort's organic gardening articles have been published in Mother Earth News, among others. Mort was president of the Maine Organic Growers and Farmers Association. And, all that aside, he grows some great organic vegetables and organic fruit!


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