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Maui Hawaii

Photo tour of Maui Hawaii - the west side: Olowalu to Kapalua

The Hibiscus flower, Hawaii's state flower, grows well on the sunny west side!  Click for full image - use back button to return.Maui's west shore is famous for beaches perfect for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just hanging out.  From Papaluea State Wayside Park to DT Fleming Beach Park and Honolua Bay around Kapalua, Maui's west side deserves its world class reputation as a spectacular resort destination.

The west Maui mountainsThe west side's clear water, sheltered bays, and long, sandy beaches attract visitors from around the world.  Whether it's surfing or snorkeling, there's a beach for beginner or expert.  This photograph (above) of the west Maui mountains is available as free desktop wallpaper in resolutions of 640, 800, 1024, and 1200.

Hawaiian sunset photograph of west Maui (in the distance) taken from upcountry.

Most people don't continue much further north than Kapalua.  The road north of Kapalua is narrow (only one lane in places) after the state maintenance ends (just past the Nakalele blow hole) so many people just don't want to risk it.  But the adventurous are well rewarded with spectacular views, quaint little towns that feel like old Hawaii, and terrain that varies from desert to jungle.

Olowalu, Maui, site of a massacre of Hawaiians and great snorkeling.
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