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Maui Hawaii

Photo tour of Maui Hawaii - the east side: Keanae to Kaupo (and beyond)

A jungle pool in east Maui Hawaii - click for full image, back button to return.The road to Hana is so popular, they sell narrated tours on audio cassette.  The jungle road is long (over 50 miles from Kahului), windy, narrow (several one lane bridges), and a lot of fun when driven safely.  Drivers should consider trading duties for the return trip, so everyone can have a chance to look.

A good map is essential to your trip.  Just after the 365 from Haiku joins the 36, Mauka (mountain side) trails lead to romantic, secluded waterfalls.   Makai (ocean side) trails lead to majestic shoreline.

Wainapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii, black sand beach.  Go to Econo Maui to find the link to the big picture! Photo courtesy of Discover Hawaii.Perhaps the most famous of these north shore beaches is Wainapanapa State Park, which has a black sand beach and affordable rental cabins.

The town of Hana, though small, offers many activities, and even a treehouse you can stay the night in!  The bay is fun, and Hamoa Beach is a great place to swim, even with kids.  Click here for the 800 pixel wide picture of Oheo Gulch Pools, famous as the seven sacred pools, in the southeast corner of Halekala National Park. BACK BUTTON to return.Continue on past Hana, down a quaint country road where fruit and flower stands are on the honor system and you're on your way to the famous Oheo Gulch. The famous pools which  are an archeological site and number more than seven.   Our wallpaper sizes of the photo above number four: 640, 800, 1024, and 1200.

The trulyUnder the Banyan Tree, Oheo Gulch, Haleakala National Park.  Copyright Scott Supak, 1998, Maui, Hawaii.   Use of this photograph without express written permission is prohibited. adventurous may want to continue past where Highway 360 turns to dirt (and becomes Highway 31).  If you're lucky, you'll catch the road after a recent paving.  Your car rental company doesn't want you going there, and you're on your own if you demolish your oil pan out there!  The road is rough and almost impossible, no matter what you're driving, during or after weather. 

However, you will get to see what most don't: the southeast side of Maui, where wide open cattle country looks like Montana somewhere.  Click here for the 800 pixels wide picture of Historic Church west of Kaupo, on Maui's southeast side. BACK BUTTON TO RETURN!The rugged shoreline could be in Mexico.  The huge gulches could be part of the Grand Canyon.  On a clear day, you can see the big island.

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