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Maui Hawaii

Photo tour of Maui Hawaii - central Maui: Waihee to Haiku

Central Maui is the industrial center of the island; here you'll find Kahului airport (OGG) and harbor, the Puunene sugar mill, and government buildings in the Maui county* seat–Wailuku.  Central Maui is also rich in natural wonders.

Click here for the full-size picture of Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii.  Use your back button to return!Perhaps the most famous natural wonder is Iao Valley State Park, where thousands of visitors go every year to view the steep mountains (including the Iao Needle), tall waterfalls, cascading streams, historic Cultural Gardens, and a wide variety of native plants.  Hikers enjoy trails like tablelands and stream-side trails to impressive tropical swimming holes.

Further east, near the airport, is Kanaha Pond–a wildlife refuge and home to many native Hawaiian bird species.  Continue east through the historic plantation town of Paia–now a new age, hippie hangout–good for shopping for those offbeat items, like beads and tie-die T-shirts.

Click here to see the 800 pixel wide version of this Hookipa Maui photograph for use as free desktop wallpaper!  Other sizes below.Just a little east of Paia is the world famous Hookipa Beach Park where several world championship surfing and windsurfing competitions take place.  When the water is calm (which isn't often) the east side of Hookipa offers good snorkeling.  The Hookipa photo above is available as desktop wallpaper for the following screen widths: 640, 800, 1040, and 1200.  Use your browser's back button to return.

Windsurfing at Hookipa State Beach Park, Maui, Hawaii.
This Maui Hawaii windsurfing photo is available in 640, 800, 1024, and 1200 pixel wide resolutions.


This panoramic photograph of Hookipa Beach (below on the right)Click here to see the 800 pixel wide version of this Hookipa Beach view! is also available in all sizes.  Try a size larger than your screen: 640, 800, 1040, and 1200!

Heading east to Haiku–another quaint town of historic significance–you'll find the terrain begin to become more tropical.  More rain has caused more erosion which formed huge gorges.  The road circles through and over these valleys, past post-card views at every turn.  You're on the road to Hana!

*Maui county includes the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the unpopulated Kahoolawe.

Click here to head upcountry to the summit of the world's largest dormant volcano: Haleakala!

Check out our free desktop wallpaper pictures page where you can see even more photographs of Maui to use as your desktop wallpaper!

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