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Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, live outdoor music performances.
  From inside the audio booth
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This site is dedicated to Frank Supak (1938 - 2000), Master Soundman for the Hollywood Bowl from 1970 to 1993. "We are evolving toward simplicity."

Frank Supak, Master Soundman, in the Hollywood Bowl audio booth circa 1991.

Since the little canyon was first discovered in the Cahuenga pass of the Hollywood Hills, millions have gathered to witness the music that has filled the cool summer air there.  Big Bird at the Hollywood Bowl - my Daqd - Frank Supak - is visible in the old audio booth just behind big bird's head. Click for the big version!I grew up hanging around the Bowl, mostly hanging around Dad, who patiently answered most of my questions. When he died on March 3, 2000, I learned a lot about him. I've heard from many friends of his (some of whom I didn't know) who all say they loved knowing him, and that he was a patient, kind man who really was the best man behind the curtain.

Photo from the inside of the CHuck Mangione Live at the Hollywood Bowl CD - my sister and I are discernable red and yellow shirted blobs in the handicap ramp seating stage right. CLICK for big image!And people really don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain. As a stagehand for a large part of my life as well, I've learned that when you're backstage,  onstage, or in the booth and you do a good job, no one notices you. Dad always smiled and said thank you to the people who walked by his booth after a show and said "great lighting," or, "loved the fireworks."

This plaque hangs in the sound booth on the second prom. Big versions in pixels wide: 
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Audio engineers knew him for his innovations in deck microphones (PZMs), delay fill systems, and his computer system for decibel level measurement (at distance over time). His career at the Bowl spanned four decades, and he never missed a day of work.

Performers knew him for his attention to detail and "...first class job..." as composer and conductor Johnny Green wrote in a letter to Dad in 1980.

Most listeners just didn't know him. And he liked it that way.

Scott Supak
April 2, 2000

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The Hollywood Bowl sign on Highland Ave. in Hollywood California was welded by metal sculptor Kenny Baird.
The miniature stage on the Electronic Hollywood Bowl sign on Highland was welded by welding artist Kenny Baird.

Frank Supak was a member of IATSE Local 33.

Frank J. Supak, Jr.

Frank Supak
More about my Dad and his career in the audio booth at the Hollywood Bowl is available at the site I built in his memory.


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