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We highly recommend you get a subscription to Harper's, one of the most intelligent magazines in America. Harper's has now been immortalized in The Simpsons (Lisa jokes about her Lewis Lapham lunchbox)!

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Harper's magazine offers original journalism — Harper's Index, Readings, Forum, Folio, and Annotation — and award-winning essays, fiction, and reporting to inform readers on political, literary, cultural, and scientific affairs. Plus the famous index!
From Harper's Index™, Harper's Magazine:

November 2004:

Chance that a Republican president has not won the popular vote: 1 in 6 Chance that a Democratic president has not: 0 Days after the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that Dick Cheney married, securing a draft deferment : 22
November 1999:
Margin by which the ten-member Kansas Board of Education voted to drop human evolution from the curriculum this year: 2 Number of Presidential candidates besides Bill Bradley who have publicly criticized the Kansas board's decision: 0 Estimated tons of depleted-uranium from bullets fired in the Gulf War that are still scattered across the battlefields: 320
November 1998:
Fine that the [Ken Starr] report's internet posting might have brought if 1996's Communications Decency Act had become law: $250,000 Percentage of current members of congress who voted for both the Communications Decency Act and the report's release: 72 Number of pages of the Watergate special prosecutor's report that have been released to the public: 0
March 1999:
Number of American children crushed to death by television sets since 1990: 28 Number of consecutive years that Colorado state legislators have voted down a bill banning female genital mutilation: 3 Number of GOP House members who voted for 1996's Defense of Marriage Act who have since been exposed as adulterers: 4
May 1999:
Chance that a legal antidepressant will alleviate severe depression: 1 in 2
Chance that a placebo will: 1 in 3
Fee charged by a [PA] psychologist for on-line treatment of internet addiction, per minute: $1.50 Average number of rural acres lost to "urban sprawl" in the United States each year since 1970: 1,000,000
October 1999:
Ratio of the cost of building an F-22 fighter jet to that of upgrading an F-15 to twice the F-22's effectiveness: 1,500:1 Billions of gallons of water that the GOP reported released into a New Hampshire river in July for an Al Gore visit: 4
Billions of gallons actually released, and average amount released into the river each day, respectively: 1.67, 1.9
Number of the 10 billion plastic Coke bottles distributed in the US each year that are made of recycled material: 0

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