Frank Supak
The Hollywood Bowl years
1965 to 1993

Frank Supak, my father, was head soundman for the Hollywood Bowl from 1969 to 1993. He died suddenly on March 3, 2000. For more about his life and death, visit his page.

He worked at the Bowl beginning in 1965 and never missed a show.  He was the Cal RIpkin, Jr. of soundmen.

Frank Joseph Supak, Jr.
1/29/1938 3/3/2000

We will be adding a lot more to our new Hollywood Bowl site which includes cds and videos of live performances at the Hollywood Bowl, plus other cool stuff, like desktop wallpaper.

We're working on a selection of music and videos recorded at the Hollywood Bowl while Dad was there. We found Chuck Mangione Live at the Hollywood Bowl for sale. It was a fantastic show that Dad enjoyed and helped turn me into a Jazz fan. 

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We have big versions of this inside flap photograph from the Chuck Mangione Live at the Hollywood Bowl album, which makes a very good desktop wallpaper picture.  My sister, Yvette, and I are Scott and Yvette Supak in the audience at Chuck Mangione, Hollywood Bowl, July 16, 1978 distinguishable in the ramp seats above the drummer.

One of Dad's favorite conductors was Zubin Mehta. He even installed Mr. Mehta's home stereo system! Mr. Metha was the conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for many great years, and Dad enjoyed working with him. Click here to read the letter from Zubin.

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The Hollywood Bowl - Tales of Summer Nights - by Ernest Fleischman - Dad's "alter ego" as Fleischman said in his letter of regret.Here's a great picture and story book about the Hollywood Bowl! This book, written in part by Dad's partner in sound for many years Ernest Fleischman, covers the entire history of the Hollywood Bowl with pictures and stories from many sources.

Here are some scans of one of the pictures from the book The Hollywood Bowl Tales of Summer Nights:

John Mauceri and The USC Marching Band
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For a discussion of Dad's problems with the Pocol Harum concert in 1973, see a discussion I had with one of the road sound men for Procol, David Pelletier. For more info, see Dad's page or our Hollywood Bowl site.

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