The Supak Family
We regret to inform you all that Frank Joseph Supak, Jr. died on 3/3/00.
For more information on his life and death, click here.

The Supak Family, October, 1999, Charlene and Patrick's Wedding, click for big version.

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The Supaks

Robin, Spencer, and Jasmine Supak

Christian Spiotta and Emy Frasca at Emy's house.

Christian with Spencer (Jasmine in foreground)

Jasmine Supak, Bob Spiotta, Emy Frasca


The Supak garden in Elizabeth Lake

Jasmine's first day of school

Jasmine in the garden (Elizabeth Lake), in front of the rock fountain


Oh, dat's funny.

Baloon Boy Spencer with Jasmine

Feed me! (Spencer)

Spencer at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum

Who me?

Spencer Supak

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The Supaks
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