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postcar TO Maui Hawaii
I was shot in the head in a drive by...

postcard TO Maui Hawaii

Stood on top of a nuclear reactor head.
A Post Card To Maui
by Marty Ward

Hello Beloveds!   
Sorry to take so long returning your line. Wow! They loaded up the truck and moved to Hawaii!..... Beautiful. I have friends there I want you to meet. I'll send their #'s soon. Much to tell you since we last spoke. I was shot in the head in a drive by last Sept. 16. 9mm Glock from 25 yards. The bullet bounced off my plastic hardhat. I married a Jewish girl last year. We divorced this year on our first anniversary. Spent the summer on a Christian communal farm in southeast Iowa. Stood on top of a nuclear reactor head..... And that''s a taste of what you'll hear when next we speak. But, enough of me. What's up w/ you kids? I love you all very, very much.
Love, M

This is an actual postcard I received from one of my best friends.


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