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A Piece of Garbage
Maui garbage recycling story by Robin Supak by Robin Supak
Not everyone digging through the garbage is looking for yesterday's pizza. Just wait 'till you hear what Robin has rescued!


A Postcard TO Maui
A Postcard TO Maui by Marty Ward by Marty Ward
From the and-you-thought-you-had-it-tough files. And I thought Marty would be surprised when he heard we moved to Maui!

Winter in Maui
by Scott Supak
Around Halloween the winds change. You can close your windows at night, sleep with a sheet for a change, and roll your car windows almost all the way up in the mornings.


You mean that 10,000 foot volcano in my backyard could become active again any day now?
alternative maui  Oahu stores more nuclear warheads than any other state; well, they used to, but finding facts on this is like trying to estimate pakalolo crop retail value.
They test the Tsunami sirens on the first Monday of the month at noon.  Don't panic.  I'm trying to find out what they do if there's a Tsunami at noon on the first Monday of the month.

Links to our friends Maui sites, and a little story from the webmaster.

Virtual tours, ecotravel info, and environmental organizations that could use your help preserving the delicate balance of Maui.

Because we can't all afford the Grand Wailea.

Organic Hawaii
From backyard composting to organic coffee plantations, we've hunted down a great pack of sites and now we need your help finding more!  This is the alternative that can make a huge difference, not just in Hawaii....

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