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. Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands vacations, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands vacations, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism
Maui, Hawaii, jungle pool
Jungle pool.  Click for full image. Photo by Dominique C. Houssener.

Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalismGuide to Eco Tours and Eco Tourism on Maui, Hawaii

Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalismIronically, our presence in some of these fragile Maui environments contributes to their demise.  When touring these areas, please make a special effort to leave the area better than you found it.  When we hike, for example, we take a bag and pick up garbage.  Maybe someday we won't have to.
Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalismShowing respect for the habitat and native culture wherever you go is just the beginning of being an eco-traveler.  Since very few places are unaffected by humans, almost everywhere you go, some action will be required on your part to reverse the effect your presence (and the presence of other humans) has.
Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalismFor the agriculturally minded, an exciting eco-tour would be one of the many organic farms in Hawaii.  For more info, check out Organic Hawaii!
Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalismWe've added a new Hawaii environmentalism page to that features links to Hawaii environmentalist organizations.

Maui Ecotourism Links

Maui Eco DirectoryMaui Eco Directory
Maui Eco DirectoryA must for the eco tourist! A map and guide of Maui and eco positive businesses.

Pacific Whale Foundation
Maui Eco DirectoryThe Pacific Whale Foundation offers visitors activities such as snorkel trips, whale watching, and other eco adventures departing from Maui.

Mike Severns Diving
Maui Eco DirectoryCelebrating their 20-year anniversary, Mike Severns Diving on Maui offers certified divers the unique experience of in-depth marine ecology briefings and fascinating dives guided by an experienced Hawaii biologist or marine naturalist.

Maui Treks
Maui Eco DirectoryPersonal guided tours in a luxury 4x4!  These first class tours get you to places many people don't see and include a gourmet meal!  See the parts of Maui that absolutely must be preserved.
Haleakala National ParkHaleakala
Haleakala National ParkInfo on hiking and camping on the world's largest dormant volcano.
Hike MauiHike Maui
Maui HikesFrom the hiking pros: an impressive site with in depth info from the oldest hiking outfit on Maui!
Hawaiian ecosystems at risk projectHawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project
Haleakala National Park Field StationProvides resources (technology, methods, and information) to resource managers statewide to aid in the fight against invasive alien species statewide. Gobs of info, including the Haleakala National Park Field Station.
Maui EcotoursMaui Ecotours
Maui Eco-travelA good collection of links from
Hiking on MauiPaths In Paradise
Paths in ParadiseRenate Gassmann-Duvall Ph.D, owner/operator, will teach you how Hawaii is trying to protect its vanishing species culture.  A highly respected environmentalist and scientist, she is an active member of the Conservation Council for Hawaii, Hawaii Audobon Society, native Hawaiian Plant Society, Sierra Club, and Mauna Ala Hiking Club.
Hiking on MauiHiking on Maui
Hiking on MauiA lot of info, advice and links on hiking a variety of Maui trails, from Maui on line.
Hiking on MauiMaui Hiking Safaris
Haleakala National ParkRandy Warner knows all the best spots.
Waikamoi PreserveWaikamoi Preserve
Waikamoi PreserveHaleakala Ranch Company conveyed the management of these lands to The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii in 1983.  Much of Maui's original forest has been lost or severely damaged.  What remains is a vital watershed for up-country Maui and a magnificent biological treasure.  These sites designed Robyn Myers.  Don't miss her site!
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh FoundationThe Charles A. And Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation
Lindbergh FoundationCharles Lindbergh lived out his remaining years and was buried on Maui. Tread lightly when visiting the grave site; visitors damage what he came here to experience.  The foundation lives on, funding research efforts into a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation. More on Lindbergh's life on Maui, from Robin Myers (again).
Sea Turtles, MauiAll About Turtles
Sea Turtles, MauiLearn about sea turtles!
Humpback Whales, MauiHawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
Whale watching, Maui, HawaiiJust down the road from us in north Kihei, this is a great place to visit (M-F, 9am to 3 pm) for information on the preservation of these amazing marine mammals.  Nice site, full of info and pictures!

Snorkel Maui
a great list of the best snorkeling spots on Maui.

21st Century Hawaii
Mostly about the big island, but a great site on eco tourism in general.

Our Environment
from Jeff Stark, is a kewl 'zine on sustainable living.  Don't miss the story on Maui's eco village!

Pacific Primate Sanctuary
Haiku, Maui. Dedicated to the protection, preservation, and propagation of threatened, endangered, and distressed primates.

Maui Recycling Group

Maui Open Space Trust

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Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands vacations, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism

Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands vacations, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism maui hawaii
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Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands vacations, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands vacations, photography Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands pictures Ecomaui: Maui, Hawaii, photographs Hawaiian Islands vacations, Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism Pacific islands, ecology, environmentalism nature, natural, environment, ecology, ecological .
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