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Click here to see what's NEW at free desktop wallpaper and computer backgrounds: Parent's guide to Pokemon includes pokemon sounds and pictures to download, toys, trading cards, video games, movies, videos, and music.
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Organic Kona Coffee! Gourmet coffee grown in America!Organic gardening guru Mort Mather has a new book of short stories out: A Stone's Throw, Orvie's Stories.
Robin Supak is on Twitter!We're almost Good to Go--an organic and local food takeout restaurant near Cooperstown and Sharon Springs NY! We're looking for investors now.
Keep Talking, Wingnuts!Volunteer on Vacation in Hawaii!
Hawaii beach accommodations, upcountry Maui bed and breakfast with organic fruit from the grounds, big island vacation rentalsHawaii beach accommodations, an upcountry Maui weekend, or Big Island rentals, anyone?

Spencer Consoles Jasmine at the Maui Ocean Center. Click to visit our Hawaii Stuff site!
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Organic Kona Coffee: Gourmet coffee from the big island of Hawaii!
Gourmet Organic Kona Coffee


Supak, like free desktop wallpaper, on our Facebook page, Squidoo, and on Twitter. Some of the most popular things on our sites are the free desktop wallpaper backgrounds for computer screens of almost all our subjects. Simpsons sounds are big and Simpsons posters score high on the search engines because we started selling them a long time ago. Bush quotes and George W Bush and anti-Bush books and George Bush movies sell well because we're all scared of him. Information about Hawaii is popular for those about to travel there, as are the free desktop wallpaper pictures of the Hawaiian Islands, and our friend Cherie has Maui Hawaii homes for sale. Pokemon is still popular with the kids, and Robin's Pokemom essay still explains why. New York pictures and free pics of Hawaii photography make great free desktop wallpaper pics which you can also buy as posters at our desktop wallpaper gallery. Bart Simpson and Homer Simpson wallpapers are free desktop wallpaper. Hawaii vacations desktop wallpaper pictures and desktop backgrounds are also free. Our first web site was about organic gardening. We've always thought frogs were the canaries in this coal mine, so we made the site blue frogs--here's a little about the blue frogs site. My Dad worked at the Hollywood Bowl and we have music from there. We have free desktop wallpaper pictures of almost evey subject we cover. We also have a popular movie sounds page. Organic Kona coffee tastes so much better. The Clean Sweep is an east bay maid service and they have a house cleaning blog with free home cleaning and organizing tips. Our favorite short-drive-from-Cooperstown restaurant is open and blogging about food. Maui weddings can be less expensive than you think, and you can have a green Hawaiian wedding or a green wedding in New York. So can a Kauai beach house rental, perfect for your honeymoon! Discount wedding catering packages are available from this Los Angeles caterer who also has a great Los Angeles cupcakes delivery service and links to cool friends. See? We told you we had so much more than just free desktop wallpaper for computer screen backgrounds. And whatnot.


Volunteer on Vacation in Hawaii, save 5% at this Maui B and B, and 5% will go to the cause for which you volunteer.

Goldpetals makes Natural Skin Care Products and runs a Cooperstown New York Nature Camp for kids!

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  Backstage with Supak--former Los Angeles stagehand with IATSE Local 33

Vote with your dollars! Shop for sustainable products for the home and organic gardening! Stop the absurdities!
Vote with your dollars!
 Vote with your dollars! Shop for sustainable products for the home and organic gardening!I worked for IATSE Local 33 in Hollywood, CA, for over 20 years. I worked on many TV shows, plays, and award shows, including the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. My backstage views of Hollywood (along with a lot of other stuff) can be found on my blog, Backstage with Supak. Being a stagehand was a great part-time job. To make ends meet, I started making web sites show up high on search engines. I put this skill to use while we lived in Hawaii for a year, which is why you'll see so much Hawaii stuff here (like this solar powered Maui vacation rental house). If you're interested in optimizing your web site for the search engines, check out Bald Mt. Press, my Internet Marketing site, where you can find out how I can help your site and/or blog get higher search engine ranks. You can learn to do it yourself if you read my Internet Marketing Blog.

Free Desktop Wallpaper Pictures

computer backgrounds wallpaper pictures We moved east and took photographs for use as computer background pictures along the way! We posted free desktop wallpaper pictures of Yosemite, Nevada and Utah, Wyoming, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, Chicago, and many more. All our pictures can work as iPad Wallpaper! In fact, here are a few special iPad wallpaper pictures.
stagehands We've been taking high-resolution nature photos and posting them at the computer backgrounds blog.  We have many other categories of free wallpaper and computer backgrounds, like Baseball Hall of Fame wallpaper pictures, winter backgrounds and wallpaper, Hawaii wallpaper and backgrounds (including underwater photography), and Hawaii desktop wallpaper.

Grass-fed Beef

Grass fed beef in central New York is better for you, the animal, and the planet.stagehands Grass-fed beef is better for you, the animal, and the planet. Our friends raise grass-fed Highlander cattle at Nectar Hills Farm in central New York. Of course, their site has lots of farm photographs for use as desktop wallpaper.

Organic Gardening

 organic gardening advice about gardening columns organic gardens organic farming Mort Mather Check out the subject that got this site started in 1996: organic gardening. Our organic gardening blog is full of useful organic gardening hints and tips. Read former New York stage manager Mort Mather's Garden Spot collection of organic gardening articles, hints, tips, pictures, organic lawn care advice, FAQs, and an in-depth look at organic pest control, plus: organic gardening books, our guide to organic Hawaiian gardening, hemp info, worms, composting, and organic gardening links. Mort has a cool author's site and writes a blog.

All Kinds of Posters

posters simpsons posters movie posters music posters musician posters Hawaii posters Maui posters Italy postersYou can shop tens of thousands of posters in a wide variety of categories! Just cruise to wherever you were going anyway, and you'll probably find a poster there. Almost all of our photography pages have posters on the related subject matter. Check out the Simpsons posters or go to our other poster pages: Hawaii posters, movie posters, musicians and bands posters, Italy posters, New York City posters, and the Pokemon posters. We suggest you copy large images of posters and paste them together to make cool desktop wallpaper themes.

But Wait! There's More!

computer wallpaper, free computer wallpaper, free backgrounds, free desktop backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, desktop backgrounds, backgrounds, free wallpapers, desktop wallpapers, live journal backgroundsFree desktop wallpaper pictures for my computer cheers me up. It helps me remember the cool places we've been, or the cool things we love. That's why for just about every subject you see here, we have free computer wallpaper for it. Italy photographs include leaning tower of Pisa pictures from Italy you can use as Italy wallpaper!You can use these free computer backgrounds, or free desktop wallpaper, for free! These pictures work well as iPad Wallpaper, too! Of course, this desktop wallpaper can be used as web page backgrounds. If you use it for your live journal backgrounds, for example, we hope you'll link to! We have: Pokemon wallpaper (including some drawn by kids), Simpsons wallpaper (from actual Simpsons comic books and screen grabs), Italy wallpaper pictures (including great leaning tower pictures), car wallpaper from Spencer's cool car pictures, and beach backgrounds from Hawaii. Our Hawaii vacations information site has great pictures of the Hawaiian Islands you can download, like desktop backgrounds of the beach. Almost all of our free desktop wallpaper photographs and images come in various sizes, including wide screen wallpaper. Email us if you'd like to use the full-size versions of our photographs.
Hollywood PhtographsHollywood pictures Hollywood photograps Hollywood photographyHollywood Downside Up photography essay of Hollywood California features desktop wallpaper sized photographs of the movie capitol of the world in a less than glamorous light, since the geographical Hollywood is a lot different than the tinsel town people expect. We've added new Hollywood pictures at Hollywood Downside Up, the Sequel.
Pokemon story from a Pokemom, Robin Supak (aka Robin Spiotta).Go with the Poke-flow: A Poke-Mom (Robin) speaks out on how Pokemon can help kids learn a variety of subjects! Plus: Pokemon sounds and pictures including Japanese Pokemon wallpaper pictures, the Pokemon Monopoly game, Pokemon videos, music, books, strategy guides, and more! This logic applies to Yu-gi-oh!, or any other game your kids are into.

New York City Pictures for free desktop wallpaper

Photos of Italy for computer wallpaper backgrounds

Photography of Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood California

Abstract photography makes great computer backgrounds images

Abstract photograph of a Christmas tree makes great Holiday wallpaper

Abstract Photography by Robin Supak

All of our free desktop wallpaper pictures make great iPad wallpaper! Here are a few special iPad wallpapers we have sized and featured.

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organic cotton Dare to Colbert T-shirt designed by Robin Supak


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