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Bushit: Bush Passes the Buck for His Shady Accounting to Harken Attorneys

First Bush blamed the SEC for his late filing of the required notice that he (suspiciously) dumped most of his Harken energy stock right before it tanked. The White House must have realized that that particular white lie wouldn't fly, so now Bush is passing the buck to Harken's attorneys. Former SEC officials state unequivocably that it was BUSH's responsibility to file the forms on time, NOT the corporation's lawyers. Bush's response to recent scandals - his "corporate responsibility" plan - is a pathetic joke. As much as he yammered about personal responsibility during his presidential campaign, this hypocrite just can't stop blaming others for his own unethical and/or incompetent actions.

Bush Says his Corporate Crimes Have Been Vetted - Or Did He Mean to Say Shredded?

The AP reports: "President [sic] Bush defended in a snappish tone Tuesday his own business experience with a corporation accused of fishy accounting. 'Everything I do is fully disclosed; it's been fully vetted,' the [criminal posing as] president said as he paused to speak with reporters during a church appearance in Wisconsin. 'Any other questions?' " As a matter of fact, we've got TONS of questions for you -- starting with how you and Karl Rove engineered the Florida voter purge.

Dick Cheney's Former Company Screws Texas Workers

In a sweeping decision undermining worker rights, the corrupt Texas Supreme Court upholds Halliburton's controversial policy of forcing its employees into binding arbitration to resolve discrimination claims -- a policy adopted under then-CEO Dick Cheney.

The Hypocrites in Chief - BushCheney Talk Tough, but Ignore the Skeletons in their Closets

Salon's Anthony York says that with every move Bush makes, his own corporate past, and that of Dick Cheney, the former Halliburton CEO, may come back to haunt him. These moves "remind Americans of the corners Bush and Cheney cut during their days in the executive suites of corporate America. [Bush dumped thousands of shares of Harken stock and filed his disclosure forms 34 weeks late. While Bush calls for accountability from company executives, the SEC is investigating charges that the Halliburton Corp hid] more than $100 million in losses while Cheney was the company's CEO. [Jeff Faux] says the crisis of confidence goes to the ideological core of the Republican Party's domestic policies. 'The Republican domestic agenda rests on the assumption that less regulation is better. It presumes that government has got to be cut back and the market will deliver whatever you need. Now they've got to plug up this massive leak in their ideological dike.'"

Bowling for Columbine - DVD - Michael Moore - The Truth Hurts!

Al Gore Questions SEC Chairman Pitt's Impartiality on Wall Street's Creative Accounting

"Former Vice President Al Gore said in a speech Saturday, 'They picked the principal lawyer and lobbyist for the big five accounting firms who, before coming to the government, went and pleaded with the SEC to open up loopholes for the accounting companies.'" The 2000 Presidential vote winner referred to Security and Exchange Commission chairman Harvey Pitt who is currently vowing to continue his probe into Halliburton accounting irregularities instituted when Dick Cheney was its CEO. "I head an independent regulatory agency," Pitt said. "We don't give anyone a pass. If anybody violates the law, we go after them'...the investigation could become politically embarrassing for the Bush administration as it tries to fashion a response to the spate of accounting scandals on Wall Street."

Anger at Wall Street Begins to Burn Bush

Ed Vulliamy writes in the Guardian UK that for the first time since 11 September, there is a bitter, domestic issue -- corporate corruption. "No administration has been so closely associated with, and beholden to, corporate America. Backstage, [Bush's advisers are either worried about biting the hand that feeds them, or] being further tarnished by scandals affecting their friends. [Details are emerging that could spiral into a political scandal -- the lucrative relationship between WorldCom and] Trent Lott, one of Bush's closest confidants on Capitol Hill... WorldCom was seeking political influence at the core of the administration right up to the eleventh hour before admitting its fraud. [Last week the company gave a $100,000 donation to a Bush gala.] Democrats are pitching a new strategy called 'economic patriotism'." -- making the November election a referendum on Bush sleaze.

House Republicans Add $450 BILLION to OUR National Debt

One central issue in the 1994 Republican Revolution led by Newt Gingrich was reducing the national debt. President Clinton ended the massive borrowing of the Reagan-Bush years and created a surplus. But George W. Bush and the Republicans enacted a $1.35 TRILLION tax giveaway for the rich that immediately returned the US to deficit spending, despite adamant insistence by Republicans that it would not create red ink. Finally, House Republicans had to pay the piper by authorizing a $450 BILLION increase in our national debt - and that is just for this year. The nearly party-line vote was 215-214, so just one vote could have changed the outcome. Defeat ALL Republicans!

Bush Slashing Aid for EPA Cleanup at 33 Toxic Sites

Katharine Seelye writes "The Bush administration has designated 33 toxic waste sites in 18 states for cuts in financing under the Superfund cleanup program, according to a new report to Congress by the inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency. The cuts, imposed because the cleanup fund is hundreds of millions of dollars short of the amount needed to keep the program on schedule, mean that work is likely to grind to a halt on some of the most seriously polluted sites in the country."



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