Books about George W. Bush, the Miserable Failure who stole the presidency and waved to Stevie Wonder, and some thoughts on this dumb-ass, drug addict, AWOL, draft-dodging, frat boy. From Bald Mt. Press (freedom of the press goes only to those who own one):

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Is our children learning? The book republicans should fear!

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Many people I know voted for Bush because they're NRA fanatics, and now, low and behold, Ashcroft and Bush are both saying they'll uphold the assault weapons ban. Aww, shucks, you guys voted for a man who wants to take away your union and your kids' clean air because you thought he wouldn't send jack booted thugs to take your guns. Now you're screwed!  What good are your guns going to do you when your kids have asthma and you have no health care? And, to top it all off, Ashcroft and Shrub have refused to search gun purchase records to see what kind of guns suspected terrorists purchased. Lovely. Way to go! You single issue fanatics are screwing us all.

Check out this miserable failure. And here's another miserable failure. And yet another miserable failure. Are we seeing a pattern of miserable failures here?

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Ironminds message board: Ironminds: George W. Bush ... Ready or Not
By Scott Supak on Friday, January 19, 2001 - 10:51 pm:

I feel better already. I mean, as a working guy, I'm hopefuller that when the rich people who employ me get that big tax cut, maybe they'll ease up and let my union have a - dare I say it - four percent raise next time we negotiate! Maybe they won't try to worsen conditions. Maybe all that money will make them relax a little, and not try to squeeze so much profit out of the workers. And, the extra $140 a year I save on my taxes can go to my increased electric bill (most of which goes to Texas energy producers). Oh- wait, I have to use that $140 to pay for the rise in the cost of gasoline next year. No, wait, I have to use that money for.... Well, I guess those millionaires who will be getting a bigger percentage tax cut than me will give me a raise. Maybe I've misunderestimated them.

I do know that I too, like GW, want anybody who can find work to be able to find work.

I'm also happy that our new president is such good friends with the supreme court, like that Antonio guy, who he invited over for dinner. That should make it easier for him to get things done when he runs into opposition from the people.

And thank goodness that social security will be saved from becoming some kind of federal program. I'll need that money.

I'm just a little sorry that our president doesn't seem all that bright. I bet that makes us look kinda dumbya to the rest of the world...


Letter to CNN, Jan. 20, 2001:

Stuart Rosenburg of CNN said:
"George Bush is likely to be a better role model for the country than was Bill Clinton."
Let's see... Bush has horrible grammar, mangled syntax, invents words that don't exist, and doesn't know the first thing about geography, the environment, or world politics. He won't tell the truth about his past (?) drug use, about being AWOL from the National Guard, or about his shady business exploits. And we're supposed to think he's a better role model because he won't receive oral sex from an intern....?
Man, is this country screwed.
Scott Supak

Ironminds message board: Ironminds: Life of the party - Who put him there?
By Scott Supak on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 04:21 pm:

Ah, the rub. When the right tries to argue issues, they sound silly. Like, when the new president says we need to relax environmental regulations to allow energy producers in California to run full tilt. Does he not know that almost half of the plants are down for maintenance and that is the real cause of the electricity crisis here? Of course he knows. He wants to relax environmental laws to make the people who got him elected richer. He wants to give them a good return on their investment. And this is so obvious that he just sounds, well, obvious.... So, after years of realizing how cruel and stupid they sound when they support a position that will actually give children lung diseases, they attack the personal lives of their targets. They're conspicuously quiet when one of their own screws up (Gingrich, Swaggart, Watt, Meese, North, etc), but are predictably loud when someone with whom they cannot argue makes mistakes.

I want to see the right stand up with good reasons to pollute more. I'd like to hear why rich people deserve a bigger percentage tax cut than the poor. I'd like to hear them argue why my children should be shamed into the hallway when they don't want to pray in school. I'd like to know where I'm going to come up with the rest of the money it takes to send my kids to private school when I'm given a voucher. I'd like to hear them tell my friend with MS why she can't benefit from the potentially life saving research done on embryos that are not "alive" yet. I'd like to know just where on gun ownership they draw the line and why? Shouldn't teachers be allowed to carry assault weapons to school to protect themselves? Shouldn't I be able to own a rocket launcher to protect myself from a tyrannical government?

The list goes on and on. But, inevitably, like the right wingers I argue with at work, the ultimate answer is "blow me." They have no answers for their positions. They can only attack the person who dares to disagree with them.

Once we have a real election, the majority (center-left) will take back what we have won in debates and national elections since the end of the let-'em-eat-ketchup era. And not even a supreme court packed with right wing perverts like Thomas will be able to help this dumb-ass Texan who will stray from the teleprompted blather his rich handlers have written for him.