Buying Maui Hawaii Real Estate through a Maui real estate buyer's broker can save you money and mistakes that may cost even more money! Hawaii real estate buyers' brokers work for you, the buyers, not the sellers.

Life Is Short, Let's Have Fun!
The water is beautiful and Maui has the world's best sun!

What are the reasons to own Maui property?

Look out your window....  If you are here on Maui, you know why!  If you are anywhere else, you really know why.  Maui is paradise.  Not only that, it's an embryo community, one of the nation's fastest growing counties of 100,000 or more in population.  Our future is one of continued growth.
Maui real estate broker, Maui buyer's broker, Maui, Hawaii, buyer's agentMaui has diversity: agriculture, art, research (including the high tech center in Kihei and Science City on Haleakala), a fair trade zone for importers, a time zone that allows dealing with New York and Tokyo in the same day, an enviable real estate market, and some of the most fun activities in the world.  Best of all is the spirit of aloha - the people, the feeling of safety, and the positive attitude.  Of course, one of my favorite things about Maui is the food.... We have fabulous restaurants.

OK, so now I've worked you into a real estate buying frenzy.  Ready to make your choice.  Who ya gonna call?  That nice agent who listed the property and works for the seller?  They all have ads for their clients' property plastered everywhere.  Sure, why not call them?
Maui real estate broker, Maui buyer's broker, Maui, Hawaii, buyer's agent"They'll have all the answers," you say.  You're probably right.  They will have many correct answers for you.  Their job is to sell YOU that listing.  They work for that seller.  Now, by virtue of HAWAII STATE LAW, you can have me working for you AT NO COST TO YOU!
Maui real estate broker, Maui buyer's broker, Maui, Hawaii, buyer's agentI am Maui's leading Buyer's Broker.  My primary focus for over a decade has been BUYER REPRESENTATION.  Not only can I make sure you know what's available, but I can also tell you the prices property has SOLD for in the past.  I assist my buyer in every aspect of their transaction, including locating property, negotiating, escrow, finance, and all the odd ball details that accompany a Real Estate deal.  And best of all, it costs you nothing.  The seller's agent will split the compensation with me. Call me!  Let's talk!

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